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MOMA. Guggenheim. Juxtapoz.

But as school art budgets wither, how to get there? How can we help young artists hone their skills and navigate education and career options in an economy that often cold-shoulders art?

We recently created ArtHatch as Distinction's parter foundation to empower young artists. We want them to create and exhibit art and to gain the skills to become art professionals - or as we like to say, unleash fierce young talent on the world.

Together Distinction and ArtHatch form the place and programs for an art incubator, a magnet for people who will express and those who will consume, an open and creative axis for our community. We’ll spread art with free studio and exhibit space for teen artists, free art supplies, workshops, demonstrations, and affordable studio space for emerging and professional artists in exchange for mentorships with teen artists. This project reminds us that even in economically challenging times, art makes us infinitely richer. Our mission will be accomplished by:

Producing 12 cost exhibits featuring artwork created by young artists from around the world.

Offering free gallery and working studio space to teen artists (age 13-19).

Offering free workshops, painting collaborations, demonstrations and mentorships to teens and the general public.

Offering affordable studio space to professional and emerging artists in exchange for mentorship with teen artists.

Providing a unique venue for visual art, poetry, music, performance art, and film screenings.