Center for Gender Equity at Pacific University

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About Us

The mission of the Center for Gender Equity of Pacific University is to educate, advocate and support gender equality to facilitate collaborative, humane, and sustainable University, local and global communities.

Vision Statement

The board, staff and volunteers of the Center for Gender Equity advocate a feminist paradigm shift to embrace and promote gender, cultural and racial equality; economic and social justice; and the intellectual and cultural growth of Pacific University students, faculty and staff, and the surrounding community. Programs and projects reflect and affirm the following values:

  • The inherent worth and dignity of each person
  • Justice, equity and compassion in all human relations
  • The right of conscience
  • Shared power and responsibility
  • Shared information access
  • Community building
  • Respect for the interconnected web of life
  • The non-violent resolution of conflicts


  • All the services and activities of CGE are available and open to Pacific students, faculty, administration, staff and members of the Forest Grove (and environs) community.
  • CGE partners with other organizations on Pacific campuses and in the local community to pool resources and build links. The organization facilitates and helps coordinate the efforts of a variety of like-minded organizations and academic departments whose missions revolve around challenging prejudice, ending gender inequities, and creating a more equitable campus, community, and global climate that embraces and dignifies diversity.
  • Central to the goals of CGE is the establishment of cross-cultural programs and reciprocal relationships with similar centers in other countries. Axiomatic to this goal is the Center’s position that learning between cultures is a two-way street. Western feminism has much to learn from cultures, like India, where gender relationships differ greatly from those in the US.
  • CGE promotes dialogue and offers services germane to the mission of CGE among all people, regardless of gender.
  • CGE is a service organization which works in tandem with and supports Pacific’s academic Feminist Studies Minor.