Rainforest Rescue International

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About Us

Rainforest Rescue International is an environmental NGO based in Sri Lanka. We protect vulnerable environments through ecosystem restoration, development of sustainable livelihoods, education, research and advocacy.

Established by a group of environmentalists to rescue rainforest plants under threat from logging and new developments we have grown to:

- Support seven plant nurseries;

- Work in over 20 communities and 15 schools across the south and east of Sri Lanka;

- Restore more than 1,000 acres of land;

- Plant nearly one million trees.

To address the many ecological and social issues in Sri Lanka, our projects focus on both environmental restoration and education. Whether we are training families in organic farming, or running a school programme on forest fauna, we empower communities to manage and protect their native environment.

We believe by bringing together people and the environment, we can help build a sustainably managed world.