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About Us

Who we are

Loveart& has introduced perspective-broadening concepts through creative workshops to hundreds of young people across Southern California. Founders Jenn Smucker and Shannon Lindsay-Frugis built the nonprofit on the belief that art and environmental advocacy can empower under-served youth to alter the course of their lives. Loveart&’s skill-based workshops incorporate curriculum concepts and state standards, and are designed to introduce students, from elementary school to highschool, to artistic and ecologically minded practices through creative means while teaching them skills that help them in school and beyond.

What we do

Loveart& provides free mobile workshops that feature do-it-yourself, skill-building activities. All workshops draw upon the interests of today’s youth to promote creative and critical thinking, self-expression and environmental stewardship. Our workshops are rooted in the “artisan” movement of crafting handmade items that incorporate recycled and repurposed materials. We stock the Loveart& Van with supplies so we can travel to young people wherever they are—in classrooms, community centers or afterschool programs.

Who we serve

We partner with Orange County public schools, after-school programs and community organizations to offer Loveart& to all low-income students from 6 to 18 years of age, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Why it matters

Involvement in the arts has been linked to higher academic performance, increased standardized test scores, greater interest in community service and lower dropout rates, which is critical in under-served communities (Hurley 2008). Plus, it’s been proven that students who participate in arts programs often achieve more in other areas of learning and life by demonstrating improved cognitive performance, information retention and focus.

Our impact

The benefits of our program include improved emotional wellbeing, academic performance and accountability, communication skills and peer-to-peer relations. Loveart& has already reached 500 young people in Southern California and aims to reach more by expanding our projects and adding new locations. We have collaborated with multiple local organizations, including: Santa Cruz-Residential Service South Coast Children's Society, the Next Up Foundation, the Center for Living Peace, SOY (Save Our Youth) Center, The Ecology Center, the Costa Mesa YMCA, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Anaheim and Santa Ana, and Fremont Elementary in Santa Ana. And we have been approached about future partnerships by many more, including Mika Community Development, Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, Garfield Elementary in Santa Ana, P.R.I.D.E Program (Parks and Recreation Inspires Dignity and Esteem).