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About Us

Parent Action Community, Inc.

PAC was established in March 2005 by a group of parents who were concerned with the behavior and condition of today's youth. We realized that some young adults are neither ready nor equipped for the responsibility of leadership. Some schools have not been doing enough to help our children accomplish their dreams due to overcrowding, overworked teachers and parents who work long hours leaving their children alone to care for themselves.

Our Mission

The mission of Parent Action Community, Inc. is to establish a mobile learning center and learning centers throughout New York & Long Island to educate and train young adults and their families on health, HIV/AIDS prevention and career planning.


The long-term impact of these programs will be to allow our participants to obtain the tools to achieve a college degree and choose a career path that will guide them to success and satisfaction. With these accomplishments they will have a better opportunity to be valuable contributors to their community and society. We will collaborate with schools in these communities to reach out to the young men and women outside of school hours. In addition, we will interface with corporations and organizations to develop partnerships, and internships. Our participants will also assist with rebuilding their community by becoming entrepreneurs, while giving back to the community and mentoring the next cohort of young adults to impact the next generation.