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About Us

Imani Agape Voice of Hope (Hope) it is a charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization since 2006.Hope has been running volunteer programs in Kenya for community support and cultural exchanges. Programs are available year-round in the areas of English teaching, orphanage, conservation work, health, and many more as per the interest of volunteers. We give both technical and non-technical support to deprived communities and organizations. Our objective is to stimulate local development initiatives for vulnerable people in desperate situations. We aim to promote individual, community, and environmental and sociological empowerment by educating using an inclusive, multicultural mentality. We address all races, religions and sexes equally, and try to strengthen the human bond through creating friendship and understanding of each other. We believe our unique approach begins a peaceful, respectful and loving attitude, which will benefit the people’s rights, the people’s self-belief and the people’s progression.

Why Volunteer

Volunteering abroad is becoming increasing popular, with new companies springing up all the time with fantastic sounding adventures. If you are looking for a holiday with a bit more depth, or a cheap way to travel, “volunteerism” can be a great way to go but there are limits to both the positive impact you can have and the sustainability of your work. Longer-term, more professional volunteering placements give you a chance to really understand the communities you help, and allows you to bring your skills and experience to help them build their futures in a sustainable manner.

Are you looking for a rewarding way to spend your time?

Does the summer stretch out before you? Or has a gap just opened up in your work schedule? If so, this could be the perfect opportunity to undertake an adventure, gain valuable experiences that will undoubtedly shaped your life, and give something back to people who need it most.

Are you open minded?

You may think you know exactly how things work, but volunteering abroad can turn things on their head and make you question things you thought you knew. Different cultures have different reference points and people may view things from a very different perspective. This is all part of the experience. Being open to this and prepared to respond to what you find rather than what you imagined is an absolute must for any potential volunteer. Adjusting your thinking to the situation in front of you is the key to a successful and sustainable volunteering experience.

Are you resourceful?

Heading off to another country to work can be a great experience but it is likely to be quite different to your home life. Don’t expect all the creature comforts you have at home and do expect to live a simpler, quieter life whilst you are there. You will also find that many of the things you take for granted at home may be difficult – limited water, intermittent electricity etc. And at work, you may find communication facilities and work environments less advanced than you are used to. All of these circumstances require you to be resourceful: creating your own entertainment, making new friends, thinking creatively to get things done and making do in less-than-ideal circumstances. Think you have what it takes? If you take on the challenge, you may discover a whole new set of abilities and robust character you never knew you had.

Do you really need to go abroad?

At Hope, we believe that volunteering can be a positive thing for everyone. Giving your time to help others is a constructive activity and helps strengthen communities and civic involvement. It also gives people a chance to get out and meet others, learn new skills and build confidence.

Hope’s Goal

The overall goal of this organization is to show people that development is brought by the people themselves. Through maximum utilization of the available local resources.

We understand that change and aid agent’s only play a catalytic role towards community development and that progressive development of society stems from active, village and people founded actions.

We strive to educate and promote individuals to increase achievement and their improve situations.child towards learning the necessary life skills that equip them.

Imani Agape Voice of Hope (Hope) it is a charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization since 2006.Hope has been running volunteer programs in Kenya for community support and cultural exchanges. Programs are available…

Issue Areas Include

  • Housing & Homelessness


  • P.O BOX 2768-40200, Kisii Town, 700 40200, Kenya

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