Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh

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About Us

Habitat for Humanity International – Bangladesh (HFHI-B) is a non-government organisation committed to achieving adequate shelter for all by building diverse, cost-efficient housing solutions. Since 1999 we have served over 2,400 lower income families and aims to serve another 10,000 families by 2012.

Despite recent socio-economic advances, 40% of people in Bangladesh (55 million) live below the poverty line, and 80% live on less than $2/day. Approximately 70% of the population lives in unsecured houses constructed from mud, thatch and bamboo. They are annually affected by monsoons and cyclones, and most families cannot afford to repair the damage.

HFHI-B is committed to impacting lives by improving living conditions through innovative construction technologies, home renovation, advocacy, promotion of water and sanitation facilities and supporting disaster mitigation and response efforts.