Joseph's House

  • District of Columbia


1730 Lanier Place NW
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

Joseph's House is a nationally recognized home for compassionate end-of-life care for those in Washington DC who are homeless and suffering from terminal illness. The training and support provided for our staff and volunteers and to the wider community through educational outreach, is founded upon the values and practices of compassion and justice.

A continuum of care is available to each resident. Joseph's House provides 24-hour nursing care, including comprehensive case management; emotional and spiritual support, support for recovery from addictions, personal care services, transitional support for those who regain their health, and the very best end-of-life care for those who progress through the final stages of life.

Above all, Joseph's House offers compassionate human presence for men and women who would otherwise face a lonely, isolated death.

For a day-in-the-life of Joseph's House, please click on the video at our website.