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About Us

Background In 1984, some development pioneers realized the need of an agency in rural communities in the course of visiting Bajura and other very remote places while at the National Development Service (NDS). The works of the NDS inspired them to establish an organization called Research Inputs and Development Associates. This organization played a significant role in the development of the nation especially in the rural areas. RIDA believe on launching various grassroots based programs for the development of villages, which are empowered by organization and sustained by community. Ironically, the RIDA was no more active due to various hurdles and displacement of its members in 1990. In a bid to revive the previous RIDA, Research Inputs and Development Action Pvt. Ltd is established in October 2007.


Empowering the people and community by improving their socio economic condition in an equitable way through research inputs and development actions in the area of education, health, economy, local development and information technology


  • Assist in the development of nation through research and study in the area of education, health, economy and information technology;
  • Assist in developing appropriate policies and formulation of plans and programs in the above areas;
  • Conduct programs for educational, social and economic development of nation;
  • Advocate and disseminate government acts, legislations, policies and research findings for informing the key stakeholders and development partners; and
  • Provide services by undertaking research, study and training to national and international organizations, individuals or agencies.

Priorities and Work Areas:


  • Conduct advocacy programs on “Rights of Education to All” and run formal and non-formal educational programs.
  • Conduct educational program on education for sustainable development and expansion of information and technology in education.
  • Run advocacy and disseminating activities in cooperation with education, health, information technology and development related all agencies/stakeholders through media.
  • Conduct research, study and disseminate advocating materials regarding universal quality basic education for all
  • Develop and suggest mechanisms to meet the goals of EFA and MDG and conduct research, study and programs for its sustainability
  • Conduct different disaster related activities including advocacy in reducing disaster, and its inclusion in the school curriculum.
  • Work for the preservation of natural and manmade resources


  • Conduct various studies, research, awareness campaign, and advocacy programs on recent health issues.
  • Carryout works related to health financing and resource mobilization
  • Facilitate improvement of service delivery mechanism
  • Involve in health right advocacy and rescue works to tackle specific hazards
  • Provide counseling services for children, youth and other needy people.


  • Conduct different economic development activities like saving and credit, micro-credit and other community development programs
  • Provide technical service in management of public goods and services through better economic and financial planning
  • Conduct Proxy Means Testing to identify beneficiaries based on proxy indicators of poverty

Information Technology/Management

  • Expand the information technology through essential materials and conduct programs to uplift the socio economic condition of the poorest and marginalized people.
  • Provide TOT in the area of development like awareness, teacher training, and micro-credit program.
  • Move towards owning the management of different organizations like schools, colleges, corporations and banks and provide specialized services.

Local Development

  • Provide technical support to local bodies
  • Contribute to strengthen local governance by providing support on planning, monitoring, evaluation and supervision
  • Contributing to capacity development of stakeholders

Our Working Principles

  • Rights-based approach to education and development
  • Good governance through community empowerment
  • Public-Private Partnership

Areas of expertise

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Identification of poor and proxy means testing
  • Evaluation and Assessments
  • Advocacy
  • Field mobilization throughout the country
  • Technical education related support (teacher training, pedagogy, community based management)
  • Financial, Economic and Social Analysis

Background In 1984, some development pioneers realized the need of an agency in rural communities in the course of visiting Bajura and other very remote places while at the National Development Service (NDS). The works of the NDS inspired…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


  • GPO Box: 25414, Rammandir Margar
    Ratopul, Kathmandu
    Kathmandu +977

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