Noakhali Rural Development Society - NRDS

About Us

Noakhali Rural Development Society - NRDS is a non-profit organization, working in the greater Noakhali region of southeastern coastal part of Bangladesh, where widespread poverty and injustice with natural calamities is forming part of the daily struggle for life. More than half of the total population of the area consist of deprived landless and marginalized farm families, facing enormous challenge of declining livelihood opportunities, with whom NRDS is working in fighting poverty and injustice.

Prime strategy of NRDS is to work with farmers groups, producer and community organizations together to achieve sustainable livelihood and social justice. NRDS is facilitating peoples organizations in building their capacity to fight poverty through promoting education, food security and market access of their farm and craft products.

NRDS presently implementing the socioeconomic development program with a number of projects to achieve its goal towards a poverty free world.

Join us in fighting for a fairer world.