SEIU National Fast Food Workers Union (NFFWU)

  • District of Columbia


1800 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest
7th Fl
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

SEIU NFFWU is currently looking for staff who are interested in a career fighting alongside low wage workers who are leading the campaign to win “$15 and a Union”. 

We working to expand the movement and deepen the successful fights to raise employment standards and unite workers in organizing their union in the fast food industry through national, state and community campaigns. 

SEIU NFFWU is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which has more than 2 million members in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. NFFWU is united with those 2.2 million members in a shared belief in the dignity of workers and the value of their work, and in a commitment to a more just and humane society.

We have offices in 10 cities across the country.