Northwest Collaborative Air Priorities Project (NWCAPP)

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About Us

We are citizen, tribal, business, public interest and government leaders across the Greater Pacific Northwest, Canada and Alaska.

We are working together to set priorities, and take action to improve and protect air quality in our region. Our Vision: People in our region are galvanized to take action for clean air.

We recognize that air quality issues are critical to our quality of life now and for future generations. Air quality issues are interconnected with economic development, ecosystems, and environmental justice. Decisions must be supported by sound science. Economic prosperity and vitality are also important to achieve balance. We acknowledge, maintain, celebrate, and build upon our past successes in air quality and will focus on the following priorities for the next five to ten years.


Reduce emissions from transportation especially diesel and carbon dioxide, and support land use planning and alternate transportation as tools.

Reduce emissions from combustion, including: energy production, residential, forestry, and agricultural burning, and support alternative energy sources.

Reduce risks from air pollution indoors, including: homes, offices, schools, and other buildings.

Increase support for education and other means of encouraging the public to take actions to reduce air pollution.

Reduce health risks from outdoor toxic air pollutants, including identification of hot spots and primary contributing sources of toxic emissions.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

Reduce health risks from toxic and other air pollution where people live, especially in minority, low income, rural, and other under-represented communities.

Reduce risks to ecosystems, tribal communities, and their cultural resources from toxic and other air pollution sources.