Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund

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24152 Lyons Avenue, #157
Santa Clarita, CA
United States

About Us

The BMCF supports patients 18-40 currently undergoing cancer treatment with services to meet daily needs. It provides home health care services, co-payments required by many health plans for medical care, temporary housing, and other expenses for those temporarilyunable to pay bills like rent, insurance, and food.

Typical requests cover $500 worth of health insurance co-payments, transportation, rent, mortgage payments, car insurance, entertainment, and groceries.

Brenda grew up in South Dakota, studied journalism and advertising at SDSU and pursued a career in graphic design, which eventually brought her to Southern California. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late twenties and received generous support to overcome her illness.

During the process, she realized that the health care system was not equipped to meet many patients' day-to-day needs through months of treatment. Brenda always thought of others, so inevitably she set up the Fund to help them.

When she wasn’t working on that goal, Brenda enjoyed Sponge Bob Square Pants, as well as small pranks, her nieces and nephews, in-line skating, hiking, and the beach at Malibu.

In February 2004, Brenda lost her second battle against cancer. However, the BMCF continues to realize her vision.