Apex Mission Nepal






About Us

Apex Mission Nepal (AMIN) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partitioned social organization to empower communities by working with them; enabling sustainable change. This organization has been established in favor of those disadvantaged people who are out of reach of mainstream services and support despite efforts made by government agencies and conventional non-governmental organizations. This organization is dedicated to work in the areas of today’s major issues like education, public health, street kids, sex workers, child laborers, HIV/AIDS orphans and socially discriminated youth, poverty alleviation, rural development, micro finance, drugs, economic development, climate change, disaster, conflict management, human rights and advocacy. AMIN intends to work to the direction in creating a long-term impact for the change of livelihood of Nepalese people as per their own issues and concerns such as income generating programs, skill training and education. We seek to support people’s basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, education, health and sanitation. To achieve the goals, we emphasize the direct involvement of beneficiaries for their own growth and development. AMIN believes on its own sustainability by setting up successful stories in the social realm, dignified life of people and maintain prosperity, peace and harmony in Nepalese society.