Sky's the Limit Fund

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About Us

•Our mission is to provide hope, resources, and financial support for at-risk youth to attend wilderness treatment programs as a start to their therapeutic recovery.

Wilderness treatment programs provide effective and personalized therapeutic care, achieving high-impact and long-lasting improvement. Students who attend wilderness therapy programs make emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal strides, and discover their true value as members of their community. Our ultimate goal is to assist families find the services and resources that they need to support their family while in crisis and beyond.

• We believe that the sky is literally the limit for wilderness therapy students to achieve their maximum potential as whole, healthy and valuable members of society. • We believe that the cost of attending wilderness therapy programs should not be a barrier to anyone who requires critical and immediate support. • We believe that families in crisis are experiencing many emotional challenges and by reducing financial stress, the family and student can focus on treatment. • We believe that excellent wilderness therapy programs achieve high rates of success with their students, by providing proven, comprehensive, evidence-based practices of therapy. • We believe that we can become a change agent in our communities by providing important resources, both financial and other, and fostering networking opportunities that strengthen the wilderness therapy industry.