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About Us

IVP is a female focused not-for-profit theatre company, whose mission is to produce plays based on true events throughout women's history. Our performances give a voice to the many women throughout history who have been forgotten. IVP believes that these stories are essential; without learning from the past, we cannot hope to improve the future.

IVP's production of 'A Piece of My Heart' by Shirley Lauro, will be performed memorial day weekend for The Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation's 20th Anniversary in Washington, DC on November 9th and 10th. IVP hopes to keep sharing this play and story with others, in honor of the thousands of women who gave their lives and are still unknown to most of America.

IVP has also been invited to perform their production of 'Eclipsed' by Patricia Burke Brogan-based on true events of the Magdalene Laundries, for SNAP's (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) 2013 International Convention in Washington, DC on July 26th-28th. With all the strides the Magdalenes have made in the past year, IVP is proud to do it's part.

IVP's upcoming production 'These Shining Lives' is based on the true story of The Radium Girls. 1922, Ottawa, Illinois, the Radium Dial Factory that hired young ladies to paint the faces of watches and clocks with a solution that made them glow in the dark. The women eagerly accepted the jobs, excited to be making their own money for the first time. While the bosses wore protective gear, instructors taught the girls to "tip" their camel hairbrushes between their lips to maintain a fine point. The women were told that the paint—a mixture of glue, water, and radium powder—was harmless, however, once ingested the radium cause debilitating illnesses and death. Over 1,000 women worked in the radium dial industry in different radium factories over the course of a decade.
'These Shining Lives', tells the story of Catherine Donohue and her co-workers who worked at the Radium Dial factory, became sick and fought back by suing the company. Their case and a few others changed labor law and set the precedent for tighter occupational health and safety laws nationwide.