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About Us

Validity (formerly MDAC) is an international non-governmental organisation which uses the law to achieve equality, inclusion and justice for people with psychosocial disabilities and people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.

Our vision is a world of equality – where emotional, mental and learning differences are valued equally; where the inherent autonomy and dignity of each person is fully respected; and where human rights are realised for all persons without discrimination of any form.

We specialise in conducting strategic litigation, advocacy, research and campaigns work guided by human rights standards, and currently have projects in Europe, Africa and at international forums including the United Nations. We have three international campaigns which target some of the most widespread and systematic human rights violations faced by people with psychosocial and/or intellectual disabilities:

  1. Schools for All - Ensuring that all children can benefit from a quality and inclusive education regardless of their impairments.
  2. I'm a Person - Tackling guardianship systems which deny people their autonomy and advocating for people to get the support they need to make decisions in their lives.
  3. My Home My Choice - Calling for an end to institutionalisation and the abuses inside such places, and pushing governments to provide support for people to live in the community with support.