South Arcot Multipurpose Social Service Society

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About Us

South Arcot Multipurpose Social Service Society (SAMSSS) is one of the leading NGOs working with the socially excluded communities like Dalits, Gypsies, widows and destitute women, washer folk (Dhobis) and Arunthathiars (Cobblers) of Villipuram district in Tamil Nadu, India.
Since its inception in 1987, SAMSSS has been advocating for the rights and holistic development of the vulnerable communities.

"To serve all people"

To empower the marginalized communities to attain improved living standards and self sufficiency.

To extend community-based interactions through various development inputs to transform them towards the sustainable community.
To respect all human beings equally and serve the people to build up a just society.

Operational area:

SAMSSS is operational in the whole VIllupuram District, spread over 7.217 sq.kms. It is the largest district in Tamil Nadu. It comprises of 22 blocks with a total population of 3.463.284 people. Only 14% of the district is urbanized and the literacy rate is of 72%