The Nazareth Trust EMMS

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14 Claude Street
Hetton le Hole
United Kingdom

About Us

"It is our mission, as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, to promote the Christian faith to the world. We will do so through the provision of healthcare, education and opportunities to serve; all of which will be be delivered to the highest professional standard of which we are capable."

The Nazareth Trust, a charity registered in both Scotland and Israel, works to prevent and relieve sickness, poverty and suffering and provide a place for reconciliation.  The Trust also funds medical research and community Health Education programmes.

The UK office is based in the North East of England and currently operates and oversees a 150 year old General Hospital, a School of Nursing, The Nazareth Village open air museum and an international Christian volunteer programme in Nazareth, Israel. In 2013 it began extending medical services in to the West Bank by way of a mobile clinic.

The Nazareth Trust was formerly part of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society (EMMS) and the Hospital was founded in 1861. EMMS Nazareth split from EMMS International in 2001 and became known as the Nazareth Trust.