ADCHF ( Organization pour le Development de la Culture Haitienne et la Formation

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About Us

To support and provide education for Haiti’s children living on the street and children with families but their families are unable to support them. To provide vocational education and training to young individuals and to eliminate illiteracy in adults. ADCHF is an educational organization created in 2006 for the advancement of Haitian children in St. Louis du Sud, Haiti. The organization has already built two schools, is finishing a third, and plans to start building two more this year with land that has already been purchased. However, it needs to raise funds for construction and materials for the schools. At present time, the organization is based in France and needs to branch out in the U.S. and other countries. It needs help raising funds and finding sponsorship for the two schools it is trying to build this year. Identification Seren, Non Profit (pas lucrative economique) regristration # 501263065 Organization’s permits in France, Paris, # W943001218,