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About Us

Upsala Circus is an unique project, which shows children and teenagers from social risk groups in St. Petersburg with the method of circus pedagogy an alternative to the street and integrates them into the society.

What does Upsala Circus in St. Petersburg?

As the only organization of it's kind in Russia, Upsala Circus directly connects the professional circus and theatre art, with social work. By the everyday training in the circus and attendance at circus festivals, the children and teenagers from social risk groups experience exciting and difficult challenges.The circus is referring to "high risk" nearly like the life on the street. It simply appeals to them with magic, lets them explore their individual skills and possibilities, makes them stronger and motivates them to create their lives in society in an active way. For 10 years the director and the acrobatic trainers from Upsala have always worked successfully with approximately 25-50 children. Since then the work of volunteers from Germany and other countries has versatilely enriched the project. Beside the "social" success, for example in the adaption into school and jobs and the intensive support of the families, the young team also regularly win many prizes at international circus festivals, with what the young hooligans are especially proud for. The teenagers of the first "Upsala generation" are meanwhile well integrated and now work as trainers themselves in the Upsala Circus.

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What does Upsala e.V. in Berlin?

The organization “Upsala – Interkultureller Zirkusaustausch für Kinder und Jugendliche e.V.” (engl. Upsala – intercultural circus exchange for children and teenagers)is an association, which was founded by former volunteers in 2002 to support the Russian nonprofit organization Upsala Circus. We work close together with Upsala Circus, and support the international exchange at a practical and theoretical level, for example by the organization of sending volunteers, special projects of exchange, organization of the tour, finding and communicating sponsors, contact with other foundations, friendly assistance with difficulties or with the help of special advice. By the organization of sending volunteers the association from Berlin acts like a mediator. We are looking for special volunteers, advising them in different questions, keeping the contact to the Russian organization and we are helping out of difficult situations during the time of exchange.

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What does it mean to be a volunteer in Upsala Circus?

We have four different volunteer profiles: artistic assistant, social work assistant, office assistant and handcrafts. It would be nice, if you can stay at least 6 months for a volunteer service. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to provide any financiation for our volunteers, but we will help you with visa, registration and finding accommodation. You should count about 600-800€/month for living in Saint-Petersburg. But we together also can look for a financial support for your exchange. Many volunteers also can credit the stay as a period of practical training for their apprenticeship or university studies.

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