Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN)

About Us

The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN – meaning peace in Arabic) is an international network organization promoting a socially engaged, peace oriented civil society that upholds universal humane and spiritual values. AMAN works to build understanding and solidarity among Muslims and other faith communities in Asia. With members from Jordan to East Timor, AMAN brings together individuals, groups and associations of Muslims in Asia under a progressive approach to Islam. By empowering Muslim people through institutional capacity building, human resource development and interfaith dialogues, AMAN works to create a culture of peace on the local, national and international levels. AMAN also collaborates with other faith-based and secular groups in its many areas of work.

AMAN’s main activities include:

- School of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation - Interfaith dialogue, peace forums and promoting peace processes - Research fellowship on Islam in Southeast Asia for young scholars - Women’s Commission - Amana Media Initiative: promoting peace thoughts and actions through responsible journalism - AMAN Watch: Human rights watchdog and engaging Muslim lawyers for legal aid services - Friendship and Assistance to Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants - Prevention of HIV/AIDS and reducing stigma and discrimination