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To truly eradicate poverty, requires a comprehensive integrated approach involving the economy, environment and society, as opposed to what most “poverty” projects do – provide some help to people who continue to live in poverty (Yes, clean water, sanitation, etc. are needed, but do not eliminate poverty). Pope Francis also told this to the world in his June 2015 Encyclical.

Our initiative is: Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty® with Sustainable Family Communities® - which are designed to be self-sustainable, self-replicating and scalable.  Healthy communities are assets to a nation while unhealthy communities are a cancer threatening its survival. We are not “fighting poverty” but simply helping to build more healthy communities.

At the core of our initiative is a commercial business that exists only for the higher purpose of replacing poverty by creating new jobs, wages, training, benefits and ownership for groups of approximately100 workers in organic food production. This Economic Engine reinvests 100% of its annual profits in three goals:

1.  Ongoing training and development opportunities for the workers and their families. Including micro-enterprise development to encourage creation of more businesses. Also, training in “social sustainability” for the children (and parents) to strengthen the society – social unrest is extremely costly.

2.  Creating and maintaining a small, poverty-free community around itself where residents can live with dignity and pride.

3.  Replicating itself by nurturing start-up of another new Economic Engine every year (for another 100 workers and another community), thus creating its own exponential growth.  A self-perpetuating network of Communities eliminating extreme poverty one Community at a time. 

All done with no government subsidies or ongoing donations. We are using free-enterprise to create a path from life in extreme poverty of urban slums to a decent quality of life (for those who choose to follow it).

Leveraging expertise of over 800 individuals, organizations and universities, our nonprofit has the design and framework for this initiative and will -

- donate it to any influential leader that demonstrates the passion to reduce poverty, and who invites our executive director to discuss it with them in person.

- guide and assist in its implementation, operation and expansion to ensure that each poverty-free community will have a sustainable economy, environment, food-supply and society for generations to come. 

- ensure that all benefits accrue to the people, economy and society of the country.  

A special benefit is reduction of the number of orphans as poverty is the primary cause of children being in orphanages.