Kids Are the World

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About Us

Kids Are The World based in Slovenia is an organisation that helps families and children from a disadvantaged background in The Gambia with the help of our Gambian partner organisation Charity Pearl. We are a non-government, voluntary, non-profit and humanitarian organisation, whose main aim is to enhance life quality of children, youth and families, as well as to promote and include children into the process of education, from the pre-school period to adolescence.

Our mission is not only to bring material to the children of The Gambia, but also to assure means to educate and improve life conditions of children from a disadvantaged background, single-parent families and orphans in the Gambia. Education is the most powerful tool to fight poverty! The main idea of charity is that every child, regardless of financial background, race, religion and nationality, is entitled to basic means that make their lives happier and more fulfilling.

All our programmes are adapted to local conditions and are based on needs of local people in order to shape the foundations of further development. We are following the path we have drawn for ourselves and are bringing individuals and companies together in a common desire to diminish socio-economic differences among people and play an active part in helping to spread social solidarity towards those in need, as well as develop life values and protect families and children in need.

In 2011 we began as volunteers in other charity organisations, and in August 2012 we made our wishes come true and founded our own humanitarian organisation. Our main activities are helping families in need in The Gambia, supporting single parents and promoting children’s education.

Travel as a volunteer

All donors or those who want to become one can visit The Gambia and see for themselves the circumstances, which children, women and members of our organisation in Africa live in.

The journey to the destination where we help children is no ordinary journey. It leaves a deep impact on an individual and it is definitely an unforgettable experience. The main purpose of such a journey is to visit and spend time with the children we are helping, as well as visit local hospitals and schools. Volunteers have the option to join us and work with children and experience daily life in schools for themselves.