Green Alternatives and Peace Movement

Kampala, C, Uganda
Joined in April 2004

About Us

Background:Green Alternatives and Peace Movement (Gap-Uganda) is a Membership Based, Not for Profit Youth Organization; formed to address issues on Environment, Peace and Sustainable development.

Ethical Values: We acknowledge and celebrate our connectedness to the Earth, to each other and to all lives in order to achieve and share sustainable Peace.

Motto: Actions to Save the Only One Earth We Share.

Vision: A Peaceful, Nonviolent, sustainable Society that co-exists with the only one earth and all lives.

Mission: Our mission is to Promote, Facilitate, Advocate and Act for Peace, Environment, Social Justice, Grassroots' Empowerment and Development.


1.To promote public awareness, education, advocacy, and capacity building for socio economic grassroots' empowerment, entreprenuership,participatory governance and social justice through trainings, debates, pitching, conferences, cultural exchanges,publications,media, music, dance and drama.

2.To protect, conserve and enhance the environment and natural resources for sustainable livelihood and development.

3.To mobilize the masses and resources to facilitate and promote development initiatives, alternatives for income generation to reduce poverty, Hunger and promote self-sustenance.

4.To promote, advocate and act for Peace, Conflict Resolution, Non Violence,Leadership and Humanitarian Concern in societies.

5.To integrate, carryout and report research on any development issues for urgent action.

6.To address the needs of Orphans, Widows, Disabled the Sick, Children, Youth and the Elderly.

7.To coordinate, cooperate or work in partnership with any local, international organizations, agencies, associations, groups and individuals with similar interests.

Thematic Programme Areas

1.Environmental Sustainability

2.Participatory Governance,Leadership and Social Justice

3.Peace, NonViolence and Intercultural/Interfaith dialogue

4.Asset Based Social Entrepreneurship

5. Cultural/Educational exchanges and Volunteerism

6.Health, Disaster and Relief services

7.Research Reporting and Development

8.Local to Transnational Environmental Crimes

Core Values:

1. Respect for Diversity: We must honor, respect and support cultural, ethnic, racial, Sexual, Religious and spiritual diversity within the context of Individual Responsibility to all species.

2. Race and Gender Equality: Promoting cooperative interaction and equal rights for Women and minorities to replace ethics of domination/Control and encourage co-existence.

3. Social Justice and peace: We must respond to human suffering in ways that Promote dignity, lasting peace and healthy lifestyles at personal, national, and global levels

4. Education and Ecological Wisdom: We must have an effective community education system that teaches our children academic skills, ecological Wisdom, Social responsibility and personal growth.

5. Grassroots Democracy: Encouraging and empowering grassroots' participation at all levels in decision-making and independence.

6. Community Based Economics: Ensuring basic material security and social equity for all, respecting future generations using humane, liberating, and ecologically sound techniques.

We Believe That:

1.Humankind is especially responsible for the care of the planet, holding it in trust for all other living things and for future generations.

2.No activities, which may cause irreversible damage to our environment or planet, should be undertaken.

3.In a world of finite resources, uncontrolled economic growth retards valuable resources creating competition for those resources and sparking conflicts.

4.Our society must greatly reduce its unsustainable dependence on nonrenewable energy resources and develop a renewable energy technologies and a low-consumption economy.

5.The equal rights of all people to food, shelter, clothing, health and education should be protected irrespective of nation, colour, sexuality, age, physical or mental ability.

6.We should work for world peace rather than prepare for war.

7.Laws which protect the planet, which increase rather than diminish individual freedoms, rights, choices, and which, when necessary, mediate between peoples where those freedoms and rights conflict must be agreed on and supported. Increased personal freedoms and rights must be balanced by increased personal responsibility.

8.Economic activity and work should be personally fulfilling and geared towards the benefit of the individual and the local working community, not only the profits of absentee owners or shareholders.

9.Progress should be measured in terms of quality of life for all the world's inhabitants' personal freedom, human fulfillment and spiritual growth rather than centralized power, uniformity and material wealth.

10.The values of caring, cooperation, nurturing and sharing must be encouraged to replace the values of competitiveness, domination and aggression, which have characterized our society for so long.

11.Our policies must reflect the interdependence of all living things and the interconnectedness of all political and social activity.


Any Organizations, Companies, Associations, Agencies, Bodies, foundations or Groups and individuals with similar interest that is willing to become a good partner shall be accepted. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) shall be signed for this purpose. Partners will be contacted for Moral, Advisory, Material, Financial and /or Joint Venture.

For "Actions to Save the Only One Earth We Share".

Contact Us: The Program Director, Gap-Uganda. P.O Box 26157, Kampala-UGANDA E-mail:, or

Background:Green Alternatives and Peace Movement (Gap-Uganda) is a Membership Based, Not for Profit Youth Organization; formed to address issues on Environment, Peace and Sustainable development.

Ethical Values: We acknowledge and…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Human Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Volunteering


  • P.O Box 26157
    Kampala, C +256

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