Nivethan Trust

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About Us

Nivethan Trust is a registered nonprofit organisation based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Nivethan was established in the year 2006 by a group of socially committed individuals. Nivethan is presently engaged in activities related to healthcare, education, caring elders and emergency relief support.


Mithra-Donate Blood, Save Life: An initiative to pool the light hearted souls in providing blood to the needy and downtrodden in Madurai.

Mission Thalassemia: Supporting children suffering with Thalassemia for their treatment and cure. We are presently working with around 60 children with Thalassemia getting treatment in Madurai Government Hospital through free medicine, counselling services, patient follow up, support for their cure, etc.

Chavadi- Noon meal for the uncared aged: Noon meal for uncared aged programme of Nivethan aims to serve the aged who are deprived, deserted by families and who are unable to take care of themselves. Every day 10 aged people are fed.

Nurture Merit (Educational assistance to poor meritorious students): Providing support- financial assistance & need based training to deserving needy students to continue their higher education post tenth class until their graduation leading to employment. Ever year around 25 students are supported.

Students Learning Centre: Provide training on computer and also provide library facilities for children from low income families in Madurai besides training on career guidance and mentoring support. Two such centres are established so far in Madurai.

Emergency relief: Extending support for families affected by natural disasters like cyclone, flood, etc

So far we have managed with some internal and as well donations from magnanimous hearts with zero administrative overhead cost.Registered under 12 A(aa) & donations are exempted under 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Our accounts are transparent and financial audited by an external Chartered Accountant every year.