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About Us

Thirty-five master artists from every corner of the globe will bring their artwork to this colorful international bazaar in June 2017 held for the first time outside of Santa Fe. Some artists will arrive as celebrated cultural ambassadors, while others will have never before left their villages, let alone crossed an ocean. People of all backgrounds and beliefs will unite as the Market welcomes artists, entrepreneurs, global citizens, and community leaders whose creativity provides common ground in an increasingly polarized world. 


IFAA scours the globe to build a worldwide community of artisans, in order to bring our communities the best and most beautiful -- while also maximizing the ability to lift people out of poverty. Many of our artists come from developing countries where the average income is less than $3.10 a day, and where political, social, and environmental hardships can make everyday life—not to mention the creation of art—challenging. Making it to the world’s finest folk art arena in New Mexico or Arlington means management and leadership training for all of our artisans, who are matched with mentors and spend several days in workshops learning about training talent, marketing, and microfinance. The IFAA is selective in its support, preferring to create a business springboard for those who can go home and mentor other artisans. Artisan enterprises make up “one of the largest economic sectors in the developing world,” says Melanne Verveer, the former White House Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues and director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Simply put, Verveer states, “Exposure and access to buyers is transformative.”

Last year, artists who participated at the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe earned an average over $17,000, taking home 90% of their sales! All artists who participate in the International Folk Art Market have remarkable stories to tell. Artists bring holistic development to rural India, educate children in Pakistan, empower women in Afghanistan, and feed villagers in Niger.