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About Us

The idea that people around the world are increasingly connected to global issues and see themselves as part of a global citizenry is part of the motivation to become involved in service, advocacy, and activism around the world. With this growing sense of global citizenship, many globalites seek alternative travel experiences that allow them to engage with global issues. They are eager to partner with local community organizations, particularly in the developing world, that focus on direct service and promoting sustainable community development.

Travelers seeking these volunteering or internship opportunities often find it difficult to find the right project with the right organization. They are in need of a centralized resource and intermediary organization that can ensure a high-quality field experience. Likewise, local organizations invested in community development projects seek ways to attract qualified volunteers and interns and to utilize these human resources in a sustainable way.

AMAIDI bridges these needs, using a social networking hub to link high quality volunteers with local community organizations to guarantee a mutually beneficial partnership. AMAIDI also provides all services related to volunteers’ travel needs while assisting host organizations in their growth and the actualization of their goals.

AMAIDI is committed to thoughtful and lasting partnerships with local communities in the developing countries it works in, in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle-East and the Americas.