Community Schools Network

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About Us

Community Schools - Network is a registered, independent, non-sectarian and non- political, Charity, some of whose co founders started Kwacha Kummawa in 2001.

It is run by a professional board drawn together by their desire to help and improve the status of marginalized students and high school graduates. We work hand in hand with community and conventional schools across the country to make this possible.

Our vision “True Education pays for itself” and mission "Creating a network with partners, schools, families and communities that support learning” are inspired by the great saying: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

What we do:
  • Provide start up boosts, marketing and training to guardians in various enterprises that contribute to school fees.
  • Ensure that each beneficiary does not depend on handouts but chart own sustainability plans, with our help.
  • Assist students and school leavers with self-marketing skill sets to fund personal and academic needs.
Our major programs:
Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES)  - This program focuses on assisting high school graduates to come out of idleness through employment, mentorship and training links. We also encourage them to make products for sale through our system and help foster cross cultural exchange.

Scholarships To Achieving Recipients (STAR) - Mainly for secondary school orphans and vulnerable students with outstanding academic performance, artistic skills and teachable dispositions. We also provide psycho-social support to beneficiaries.