Institute of Digital Media and Child Development

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About Us

The Institute of Digital Media and Child Development is a 501C(3) founded in 2013 to foster a national dialogue about the impact of digital media on children and adolescents and on ways to improve children's interaction with this new media. The Institute is based in Stony Brook, Long Island under the direction of its founder and president, Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra. Presently over 100 leading researchers, non-profits, experts, clinicians and writers from neuroscience, cognitive and social psychology, child psychiatry, pediatrics, and public health are participating in the Institute. The Institute plans to support funding for research, provide a forum and clearinghouse for resources, work with industry on developing socially responsible media, develop advice for parents regarding a healthy media diet and discuss avenues for the development and advocacy of social policies that protect children.