Disability Rights Maine

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24 Stone Street
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About Us

Disability Rights Maine (DRM) is Maine's statewide protection and advocacy agency (P&A) for people with disabilities. Incorporated in 1977 as a private, nonprofit corporation, DRM’s mission is to advance and enforce the rights of Maine people with disabilities. DRM currently employs 36 people, 13 of whom are attorneys.

Using federal and state funds, DRM provides no-cost advocacy and legal services to people with disabilities who have experienced a violation of their legal or civil rights. The rights violation must be directly related to their disability.

DRM is part of a nationwide network of federally funded and mandated disability rights Protection & Advocacy agencies (P&As). P&As are the largest providers of legally based advocacy and legal services for people with disabilities in the United States. As Maine's designated P&A, DRM has standing to bring lawsuits on behalf of its members, can conduct investigations into allegations of abuse and neglect of people with disabilities, and has the statutory authority to gain access to facilities and programs where people with disabilities receive services.  

Since 1977, DRM has been committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are free from abuse, exploitation, and discrimination. Because of DRM, Maine people with disabilities are increasingly becoming equal partners in society. Individuals work, attend school, access healthcare, vote, enjoy recreational opportunities and more and more often, live where they choose. DRM celebrates these achievements while standing ready to work with our partners toward freedom and equality for all Maine citizens with disabilities.