Mother Of Hope Cameroon

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About Us

Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM) is nonprofit women/youths organization with registration No: 00001047/ARDA/JO6ALPAS/APPBA located in the North West Region of Cameroon.It's dedicated to foster the rights and development of women and youths. MOHCAM advocates for better conditions for women and youths who are victims of Gender Base Violence. MOHCAM provides security and fights against all forms of abuses faced by women and youths. MOHCAM ensure victims' rights through training's and sensitization programs which transforms and rebuilds the Integrity of victims. MOHCAM envisions a world in which all women and youths will have the opportunity to reach their full potentials and fight against poverty.

MOHCAM Empowers, Inspires, Motivates Actions and Promote social justice & Human Rights for women and youths. MOHCAM also foster family harmony in homes and communities.MOHCAM works in the domain of environment, governance and health. MOHCAM educates women and youths on sexual reproductive health rights to fight against early and forced marriages, teenage pregnancies, infant mortality, school dropout, crude abortions, HIV/AIDS and STI's. These fosters leadership, creativity and the purpose of education. MOHCAM build future leaders from present youths in schools and communities.