Salvamento Internacional de la Tortuga del Mar - SITMAR


AA 13700 - 1000
San Jose

Costa Rica

About Us

Salvamento Internacional de la Tortuga del Mar is a foundation created for the protection of the environment, promotion of scientific investigation and to contribute to environmental education in our communities.

The protection and study of sea turtle populations is at the heart of our mission; this is why we have developed a conservation program on the beaches of Carate, Rio Oro and Pejeperro on the Osa peninsula, Costa Rica. These three beaches are active nesting ground for three of the eight species of sea turtles; Lepidochelys olivacea, Chelonia mydas agassizi and Dermochelys coriacea.

Our environmental education program was developed in cooperation with the conservation program. We involve the local community in awareness and protection of our ecosystems primarily by giving courses and field trips to students as well as giving informational workshops in the local community: Rio Oro, Puerto Jimenez, Carbonera, and Golfito.