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Jerusalem Technology Park

About Us

Link Israel is a grassroots not for profit organization that encourages dialog between Israelis and the international public to foster peace and support for Israel.

Link Israel was organized in 2009 by Israeli English speaking volunteers. We recognize that today there is a battle for international public opinion. Israel is confronted with a campaign of diplomatic and economic pressure that aims to isolate it and turn it into a pariah state. In response, we are working to strengthen people to people connections between Israel and the West.

Link Israel has 3 key principles

1. Achieving a just and lasting peace that provides security for Israel and its neighbors

2. Ensuring the Jewish people live free and fulfilled in its national historic homeland

3. Protecting freedom, democracy and human rights in Israel and the Middle East

Link Israel strengthens people to people relations between English speaking Israelis and the international public through:

Link Israel – an innovative social network promotes open dialog between Israelis and the international public.

Hometown Monitor – connects Israeli English speaking immigrants to their “hometown” media.

Young Leadership – creates stronger bonds between future Israeli young leaders and their counterparts outside Israel.