Many Voices

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About Us

Mission: To build a movement for gay and transgender (LGBT) justice from within the Black church by engaging a national conversation and public consciousness on LGBT justice within the African American community.

Many Voices creates a safe space for Black Christians to address their concerns. We:

(1) Humanize the issue by bringing forward the voices of Black LGBT people, who have been all too invisible in our community; and

(2) Create a bridge for religious leaders to the social justice issues that they already care about and are working on--poverty, employment, health, incarceration, and others--all issues that disproportionately impact Black LGBT people and their families.

Ultimately, working with Many Voices, people come to see that LGBT people are part of our churches and communities and have been all along, that they are not extraneous or foreigners to us, that they’re our sisters and brothers, and that they’re hurting and being harmed.

Such new understanding removes the obstacles for Black Christians, expands their grasp of the issues, and fortifies them to step forward on LGBT justice in an increasingly public way.