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About Us

RedLight Children (RLC) is a global grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed at eradicating the demand for all forms of child sexual exploitation through awareness, education and legal action initiatives.

Founded in 2004, RedLight Children seeks to raise conscious awareness and inspire immediate action against child sexploitation and trafficking worldwide. Our three main methods of addressing the issue are: feature films, mass media, documentaries and educational campaigns; correcting, improving, and enforcing current legislation; and allocating the appropriate resources to mirror the size and scope of the epidemic. While most anti-trafficking organizations work to improve the lives of trafficking survivors through rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration, RedLight Children aims to prevent children and young women from ever being trafficked to begin with while simultaneously finding ways to deter its demand.

Today, “Expose it. Fight it. End it,” is our rallying cry. For more information about RedLight Children and our mission, please visit