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About Us

Mission: To effect positive change in the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of health care.

Vision:MetaStar is a leading independent resource for improving health care quality and cost effectiveness

MetaStar is a quality improvement organization dedicated to ensuring the healthiest lives possible. We work with health care providers to continually improve the quality of care. We do it by being an independent, credible resource for improvement. At MetaStar, we believe health encompasses physical, mental and social well-being. We believe all health care should be patient-centered, safe, effective, timely and equitable. MetaStar offers providers with the best, most current information in the health care field. We bring providers together to share their wisdom, collaborate, and learn from one another. We offer the general public information on healthy living and how the health care system works. We are guided by the promise of how good health care can be. The meaning of ‘MetaStar’ is ‘guiding change’ – and that is who we are and what we do – we serve as an excellent guide toward higher quality and healthier lives