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About Us

The Master of Arts in Teaching program provides the course work and student teaching required for the New York State Initial Certification in Art, pre-K through grade 12.

Degree candidates must successfully complete 36 credits, including all required courses, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0, and can matriculate in a full-time, one-year program or in a part-time, two-year program. In the final semester, each student is required to complete a thesis project, which must be reviewed and approved by the thesis director and the department chair in order for the student to be eligible for degree conferral.

Course work relates directly to fieldwork and student teaching through discussion of course development, classroom management and age-appropriate application of educational theory. MAT students will complete 100 hours of fieldwork and 40 days of student teaching in public elementary, middle and high school placements as well as practica at a homeless shelter under SVA faculty supervision. Students can also choose to complete additional fieldwork at SVA's Art for Kids program, which provides art instruction to kindergarten through ninth grade children.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at the School of Visual Arts provides a "hands-on" learning environment where student teachers can research and explore educational issues and topics as well as develop their ideas and continue with their own artwork. The thesis project enables MAT students to explore topics of personal importance through literature review and conducting "action-based-research" in real life classroom settings. The process of completing a thesis provides them with the framework for future inquiry and professional accomplihment.