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EWEF teach to fish, ... not give fish! To understand EWEF role, explore site with special attention to our core belief, vision, mission & EWEF-3S!

EWEF work is complementary to the many NGO services and programs working to improve life and human condition in the world's impoverished Communities. In addition to offering early childhood eduction program to Underprivileged Kids / Families, EWEF provides needed skilled Trades and related equipments to suffering communities. Local youths and talented individuals are trained to rebuild, fix, maintain and sustain needed vital infrastructure on their own. EWEF effort provides non-dependence on perpetual aid! EWEF also work with other NGO to strengthen existing relief work, promoting SELF-HELP while minimizing handout!

ABOUT US: EWEF is a Canadian federally registered - non profit Organization and CCRA (Canada Revenue) approved Charitable Foundation. EWEF leads the rebuilding and restoring of impoverished Nation's core Technological Infrastructure Amenities through active intervention, education and training of their Youths in 'Specialized' Skilled Trades to do the repair themselves!

EWEF is also a federally approved and registered Educational Charitable Organization. EWEF is dedicated to the skilled-Trade training of Underprivileged Youths or poor talented Adults from third Worlds with the goal of enabling these newly trained people upon returning to their homelands, they become the local "Skilled Trade" agents and Work force to rebuild and restore the core infrastructures that sustains and maintain life and health in their communities. This organization is a one-of-a-kind charity, specializing in helping and rebuilding poor areas of the Third World. These work are done by its North-American trained youths. It is funded by public and private Institutional partners, individual donations as well as special fund raising events, initiatives / EWEF in-house activities.

EWEF targets Underprivileged Youths or poor talented Adults from third World Nations and are brought to North America to obtain education and training in specialized skilled trades. Africa is currently the target for this Sponsorship Year; different regions are chosen from year to year. As part of their training, they are immersed in North American industrial culture and work ethics through dedicated and on-going “Work Immersion Program". Upon graduating, the students' are returned to their local communities, where they are given employment by the local EWEF Office in the Region. They are then deployed to provide the newly acquired skill or service to their community and teach other students in surrounding Regions.

EWEF Philosophical base: "Give a hungry man a fish and he will eat and soon get hungry again. But, teach him to fish; he is able to feed himself always, thereby alleviating his burden and dependence on others." - Edwin O. Woghiren - (EWEF).

From one of several Press releases; here's a Quote by EWEF Founder: ..."The technological infrastructure amenities that a healthy society must have in order to maintain its basic life-sustaining functions in a modern community is virtually non-existent in most of the suffering third Worlds, in this case; Africa! Lack of these Infrastructures and necessary 'skilled trade' personals to repair them has directly added to the burden of the daily survival these citizens. Moreover, it continues to perpetuate their never-ending reliance on hand-outs and outside aid. These handouts have fueled and bred absolute dependency, apathy and low self-esteem. This can be stopped now with your help. EWEF is leading the way to Africa's self-reliance through education and training in the essential skilled trades to change this dilemma. For EWEF, this is a long-term solution approach; that will rebuild core technological infrastructure Amenities in health care, Medicine, food distribution, water system, Schools, Clean Energy, Sanitation, agriculture, environmental conservation, road repairs, transportation system, Hydro-electricity, housing construction, Telecommunication and all the related electronic and mechanical or technological facilities necessary to maintain them. This is crucial to life in our modern world today. EWEF is dedicated to this endeavor. Please join us and be part of this solution!!

EWEF MISSION: Self help and Dependence: Through "Self Help"; EWEF is dedicated to repairing, restoring, rebuilding and maintaining all essential (Life, Health, Medical, Food, Water, Clean Energy, Road, Transportation and Communication sustaining) Core Technological Infrastructure amenities in impoverished Communities in Third World Nations. EWEF does this through Education and by providing Facilities, Equipments and training of talented Youths in Skilled Trades at 'Grass-root' level. EWEF Bridges the Technological Divide of "Third World" and "First World" Nations.

Self Reliance and Sustenance: EWEF is committed to activity that includes the skilled Trade training of gifted Underprivileged Youths or poor talented Adults, who on return to their homelands and through their local EWEF Office will engage in the repair and rebuilding of their communities' core infrastructures; specifically in health care, food distribution, water systems, Clean Energy, Medical, agricultural, environmental, road construction, Transportation and Communications industries. EWEF goal is to establish permanent 'Self Help'', 'Self-Reliance and Sustenance in suffering 'Skilled Trade deprived' regions of the world.

Give Smiles of Hope again; for a Productive Future! …Your Support and gift to EWEF will replace helplessness with true Hope in African Youths, putting laughter and smiles back in their faces again!!!

To do this, EWEF; takes direct active role in the implementation of the skilled-trade training of these gifted Youths and poor talented Adults; as well as their immersion in North American culture and work ethics.

Assists, enable and empower these Students to become active participants in the repair, rebuilding, restoring and ongoing maintenance of their communities' core Technological infrastructures. EWEF program is designed to help end these Communities' dependence on foreign aid and 'Hand-Outs'! Autonomy and Self reliance of these impoverished Communities, brought about through training in 'Skilled Trade'; the main tool of EWEF education, vision, Services and Mission focus.

Promotes protection and preservation of Human Rights of all local citizens and business owners in the Region as well as giving these people the access and tools needed to exercise those rights.

Promotes access to instruments of Health, Medicine, Food, Water, Housing, Communication, Road, Transportation, Sanitation, Clean Energy, General Welfare, Peace and Stability of the general public and its suffering citizens. Self-Reliance is EWEF ultimate goal in these impoverished Nations.

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EWEF Educational Foundation

EWEF teach to fish, ... not give fish! To understand EWEF role, explore site with special attention to our core belief, vision, mission & EWEF-3S!

EWEF work is complementary to the many NGO services and programs…

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