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About Us

Urban You Turn encapsulates the vision of SMU Football Head Coach June Jones, who more than 30 years ago envisioned a time when he could use his role in athletics as a platform to build a mentorship outreach to touch the souls of disenfranchised, inner-city youth who lack sufficient mentors, role models and hope.

One million American teens drop out each year. Education professionals, who work tirelessly day and night (with limited resources), cannot solve this crisis alone. Investing in more computers… teachers… books… better student-teacher ratios… will only solve part of the problem. So what is the solution? YOU — people connecting with students, helping to turn the culture around. Investing in students is what will keep students in school. Adults – from all sectors of the community – who will listen to students keep them from dropping out…not by force but through relationship.

The current system needs us to transform our students, our communities and our future. It’s time for an Urban You Turn.