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About Us

Clothes The Deal

is a non-profit organization, with the aim of helping people in need, to succeed through an appropriate presence and a motivating behavior, during their search for a new job or for better employment opportunities.



 Clothes The Deal provide business clothing and accessories to help low-income individuals to achieve their career goals.

Clothes The Deal also offers workshops to prepare our clients to re-enter into the workforce.  


Clothes The Deal's assistance to our clients is not just a job, but an honor and commitment to be an important part of their job expectations. To our donors and sponsors, it is not just aid, but is an enriching experience with great satisfaction to help those in need.


We work with more than 80 social service agencies throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas, distributing over 30,000 pieces of business and casual clothing. Every donation we receive means a new step for our society's future. You can be part of this success story.


Mission Statement

Clothes The Deal assists low-income individuals, empowering them to gain and sustain employment, and achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment.


Vision Statement

A community that breaks down barriers, and creates opportunities to employment.