Write for Tomorrow

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United States

About Us

Write for Tomorrow works with young writers devoted to making a difference in their communities and beyond. We foster the next generation of socially-engaged poets, essayists, journalists, film-makers, and bloggers who believe in narrative’s ability to serve marginalized societies.

Youth Writers’ Workshop

Write for Tomorrow offers two programs: In-Person and Online. The In-Person program is for members who are able to meet in Cupertino, California for workshops and project collaborations. The Online program is available to all participants.

The focus of WrFTo’s two programs is on developing the young writer’s craft in his or her chosen medium. Workshops are mixed-genre and are divided by age-level. In conjunction, the program meditates on the question: how can we improve our world? The answer need not be grand in scope or objective.

Sessions are devoted to

  • Reading and discussing writing of social importance
  • Workshopping participants’ pieces
  • Planning community literary and social projects


Writers must commit to weekly workshops and assignments, the goal of which is to submit monthly pieces to be judged for publication. Additionally, participants must work on creating community projects of social and literary value.