Sadhana Forest Haiti

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About Us

Our project was started in April 2010 in the town of Anse-a-Pitre, South East Haiti. The aim of the project is to create long term food security for the entire population of the town by planting indigenous and drought resistant food growing trees in large numbers with the help of local organizations. To date, we have planted more than 80,000 trees in thousands of kitchen gardens and in public spaces such as schools, parks, etc.

Our experience with volunteers has been very positive. Volunteers from all over the world create here a dynamic community atmosphere. Living together and sharing brings us in harmony with nature and with ourselves. We are a close knit community that shares the daily tasks necessary to the project's success. As one of our volunteers put it very nicely in her letter to us when she left, "May there be many forests to grow people”. Volunteers will help maintain the community space, take care of the nursery, distribute trees to to local villages, and do aftercare of trees that have been planted.

Accommodation is in exchange for a 25 hour work week and consists of one large and two small dormitories.

We are happy to welcome volunteers here any time of the year and always have plenty of space for them! Volunteers should not smoke cigarettes, use drugs, or drink alcohol during their entire stay at our forest project! Only come to here if you are 100% sure that you are able and willing to respect this. We practice an eco-friendly way of life including whole food veganism, alternative construction, solar energy, biodegradable cleaning products and compost toilets. We aim to be a zero waste community.