Lake Champlain Waldorf School

  • VT


359 Turtle Lane
United States

About Us

The Lake Champlain Waldorf School prepares students to become creative and independent thinkers able to impart purpose and direction to their lives and to meet the world and their fellow human beings with wisdom, courage and compassion.

The Lake Champlain Waldorf School offers:

  • An early childhood through high school education that inspires students to think clearly, feel deeply and act purposefully;
  • A rigorous curriculum in the classical academics, the practical, fine and performing arts, physical and outdoor education and service learning;
  • A partnership between teachers and parents that nourishes the well being of the students;
  • Educational and cultural events and activities for adult community members;
  • An approach that affirms the physical, soul and spiritual life of all human beings.

“What every parent would wish as the best for his or her children, Waldorf education provides. The fullest development of intelligent, imaginative, self-confident and caring persons is the aim of Waldorf education. This aim is solidly grounded in a comprehensive view of human development, in an intellectually and culturally rich curriculum, and in the presence of knowledgeable, caring human beings at every stage of the child’s education.”

Douglas Sloan, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University