The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix

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About Us

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix is committed to helping the faithful encounter the living Christ through conversion, communion and solidarity.

Established by Pope Paul VI on Dec. 2, 1969, the Diocese of Phoenix is led by the Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted. More than 1.1 million Catholics make this diverse, vibrant and faith-filled diocese their home.

The Diocese of Phoenix is a faith-centered and family-oriented group of individuals who share in the Diocese’s mission of Encountering the Living Christ. The Diocese, which is comprised of numerous corporate structures, is an equal opportunity employer and seeks qualified and dedicated employees.

Vacancies are advertised and updated frequently on the Diocese of Phoenix’s Employment website at Applicants may apply according to the instructions on the job postings. All employees are expected to respect and uphold the teachings, policies and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

Each Diocesan employer provides a work environment that promotes spiritual as well as personal growth. Great organizations, like the Diocese, encourage growth, promote passion, and produce the desire for excellence.