Project Grow at Port City

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2156 N Williams
United States

About Us

Project Grow is a space for community collaboration where people can engage in conversation and action to advocate for human rights, the value of art in society, urban farming, and the pursuit of passions.

Our Vision is a World Where

Meaningful connection to one another, to the land, to the community is not limited but supported, appreciated, and celebrated.

We Believe That

  • Meaningful work accompanied by fair wage is a human right.
  • All people have gifts to contribute to the community.
  • Everyone deserves a supportive environment, regardless of one’s challenges.
  • A sense of purpose, offered by a valued activity, is essential for all.
  • Art making is both a valid path in life and a valid career choice.
  • Everyone is unique and deserves a tailored, supportive environment so that they may thrive.
  • Everyone is an artist, student, and a teacher.
  • The relationship with one’s food source is essential for a healthy life.
  • Learning is a life long task and privilege