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About Us

VPWA work is based on its commitment to fullfill the UN Millenium Development Goals and thus it defends an integrated approach to sustainable development. That means that its projects are not only aimed at lifting people out of poverty but also :

  • promote education: VPWA realizes Micro-Finance, Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training for the Poor.
  • reduce illiteracy and help to eradicate incidence of child labor.
  • advance energy and environmental policies
  • strenghten resources to prevend and respond to crisis
  • fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases: VPWA aims to sensitize communities on health-related issues including Malaria,HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis and Buruli Ulcer.

Methodology VPWA's methodology of action is based upon the belief that disadvantaged groups must be recognized as agents of change. Thus, VPWA understands that its role is empowering and equipping people, particularly young people and disadvantaged groups, in order to engage them in their communities and help them to contribute to the welfare and development of their societies.

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Program Manager for Microfinance programme (Volunteer Opportunity)