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About Us

VOLUNTEER with The 3Lights Project - Costa Rica to make a positive contribution to the costarican children through educational projects in San Jose and around!

Volunteer in Costa Rica to inspire children to develop themselves by learning new skills! Transfer your skills to make a real difference in Latinoamerica. Have a rewarding experience by working in projects on the most poor areas in CostaRica with the warm support of our costarican staff! Learn! practice your spanish too! Make a real positive contribution to the children and have the best experience in Costa Rica. We welcome you to get in touch and become part of The 3Lights Project! Enjoy the best volunteer projects working with our transparent organization for the benefit of the children in our country at not cost! You dont have to pay amazing amounts of money to help others and make a REAL difference.

The 3 Lights Project inspires people from all parts of the world to make a real difference to the lives of children and women in Latin-America who are living in difficult situations, and to teach them positive life skills and new talents in order to improve their quality of life. The 3 Lights Project believes in creating educational options to bring confidence and belief to talented but disadvantaged children in Latin America. We make this possible through educational projects that will enhance and maximize the natural skills of the children and teenagers with the help of volunteers. Including children in projects or workshops to learn arts, music, sports, life skills and languages will improve the options for children and enable them to have a more diversified education.