Nile Institute of Economic Studies

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About Us

The Nile Institute of Economic Studies’ mission is to serve as one of the leading promoters of economic and social freedom. We look to promote the public’s understanding of free market principles such as individual liberty, private property rights, rule of law, limited government and free enterprise in Khartoum. Our primary focus is to achieve a considerable level of influence as a catalyst in Khartoum within the policy community and to establish a reputation of intellectual honesty providing reliable, non-bias policy research that will help drive understanding of Sudan’s development.

The Institute works closely with various youth groups in Khartoum to educate students on classical liberal idealology and to convey these principles effectively in a way that is relatable to students. We are looking to initiate the conversation and discussion in Sudan on the different paths that Sudan can partake in, to reach a level of peace, stability and prosperity.

Vision The Institute operates as both an academic and research center. The academic center works closely with students and faculty from Nilean University using different venues to educate students classical liberalism. We accomplish this by holding regular literature review discussions, workshops, and hope to host conventions that will feature lecturers from abroad. In order to stimulate foreign interest in Sudan, the Institute will work to facilitate scholars from abroad who are looking to conduct institutional policy research in Khartoum. We believe that fostering developmental research will be tremendously beneficial to Sudan’s growth. We hope that this can be a first step in opening the door of communication between Sudan and the international community.