Steps of Success

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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help college students financially with college expenses so they can maintain and secure a financial future in school.

Steps of Success School Assistance (Financial Assistance) program is to ensure that college students are getting financial support for their college expenses that will help prebent unacceptable drop out rates in colleges & universities. Only with these tools, students will be able to establish and sustain themsleves financially in their everyday lives.

Who We Are

The development of Steps of Success began in January 2012 and the site officially launched in January 9, 2012. Steps of Success is one of the most distinctive new non-profits because we are giving subsidized services for college students to aid them with their related college expenses.

What We Do

Steps of Success is helping college students with their college expenses (tuition, books, room & board) who fall short in financial aid. So we step in and assist them with school expenses they cannot afford to cover. We pay on average $200 to $500 dollars per student; helping over 15 to 30 students per year

Our Value

We provide meaningful services to help college students in a time of need.We value serving a community of students to build relationships with them to gain respect from them. We will mainly concentrate on the financial problems students have and better them.